Happy Christmas

Christmas NativityWhat a fab and relaxed run up to Christmas. I had nothing to do today, other than a trip first thing to get some bread, or at least what I could — those bloody locusts don’t half get up early.

Then it was back home to do some emails, post my Christmas edition of Yesterdays, some blog reading and quite a few games of Polar Bowler. (Doesn’t work with Firefox.) Maybe FC will have paid for the download when I wake up tomorrow.

Come the afternoon, the Parrots went to me my sister and her lot and some friends for a few drinks and a meal, followed by the cinema. Most went for Christmas with the Kranks, but Master P and me opted for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. (Is Lemony Snicket an anagram or a new snackbar?) Great film. The sets were wonderfully quirky. No, surreal. And though I don’t normally do ‘cute’ I thought Sunny was great. Not a classic, but I’ll probably buy the DVD.

Young Master P has read the first ten volumes says it is true to the spirit of the work, although the film is the first three compressed with the bits jiggled about. Like the marriage scene at the end that actually appears in the first book.

Now some telly to watch before a stagger to church for midnight mass. Could be our local CofE which is old, draughty and packed with the God draft-dodgers, or the Methodist lot who have a new, warm church and they dish out real bread, not those flat things that get stuck to the roof of your mouth. Bit happy-clappy though.

Anyway, enough of this. It just remains to wish you all a very merry Christmas, even the Bah Humbugs like Mosher and true spirits like Demob Happy. Have a good ‘un.

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  • Mosher 25th December 2004

    Bah… oh, forget it. Thanks 🙂


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