Well there was snow outside the Parrot household on Christmas Day. Not enough to go sledging though. Sludging more like. But as Mosher says, a bad day for the bookies hopefully.

Inside it is very festive though. The chicks are having fun with Master P’s Xbox, beating people up, stealing cars, running folk over etc with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Mrs P has been out for a walk with the dog, Jack, looking a bit of a duck with ribbons round his neck, while she listened to Allow us to be Frank by Westlife courtesy of moi.

Me, I’ve been playing with my Epson 300 photo printer. Cracking quality and thanks for the tip Demob.

All in all a good start to the day. Even the cheap cava and orange juice tasted okay. Just gearing ourselves up to set about the cooking. Hope your day is going so well.

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  • Pirate 25th December 2004

    Good morning, Mr. P. Pirate writing from Calgary, where it's also brown, but later today we're supposed to get hit with snow. Haven't been in touch for a while. Thought I'd wish you, Mrs. P. and the chicks a wonderful Christmas and a safe, healthy & happy new year.

    We're doing breakfast and then off to the off-leash with the boy. Have a good one!

  • Jennyta 25th December 2004

    Glad you like the R300. They can now not be got for love nor money. Having created the demand for them, Epson then shipped them all over to the USA! Happy Christmas to you all.

  • Mosher 25th December 2004

    I heard about the Epson shortage. At least MS had an excuse involving a big boat and a closed canal to excplain their XBox problem! I'll be getting a new printer next year, but I'm waiting till all the spare ink cartridges for my sturdy 8 year-old Epson 600 are used up first. And then the ink out of the Epson 800 I nicked from the skip at work.

    Mr P, you are an evil and scurilous man for letting your youngsters loose on such a mind-warping production as GTA:SA. I insist that, for safety, you send it to me. Along with the XBox as I have PS2. Ok, I admit it, I'm still ploughing along with GTAIII on the PC!


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