Being Civilised

Well it had to happen. After a busy week last week of buying presents, getting the food in etc (the ring pictured earning me much brownie points from Mrs P) followed by the dash to see friends and relations over the Christmas holidays, I hit yesterday faced with nothing to do.

I watched some cricket (aren’t England doing well?), flipped through the paper, made innumerable cups of tea, had a crack at the crossword, but basically I was just mentally twiddling my thumbs. I needed ‘something to do.’ So I risked the hordes of shoppers to go and get myself a game for the PC.

Now I’m not a big game player. I enjoy them, but they do tend to be too time-consuming. To be honest, I had no ideas as to which game I was going to buy. The main criteria were that it had to be a game that required thought rather than dexterity with the controls and it had to be one that my ancient PC could cope with.

In the end I opted for Civilization III and it kept me occupied for most of the day, at least until the footie came on at eight o’clock. I played the original game years ago and the subsequent Civilization II and Call to Power, so it was like meeting an old friend your haven’t seen for ages.

The only trouble with these packaged games is that they come without a manual. There’s an assumption that you know what to do. I’ve been struggling to work out how to stack units for multiple attacks. I was sure you could do that in Civ II, or maybe it was just a CCtP concept.

I’ve even dug my Civ II manual from out of the cellar to see if that would give me a clue, but no joy. So if anyone knows the answer, please let me know. Meanwhile, it’s back to empire building.

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  • Ginna 29th December 2004

    It's sad that I know this, but here you go:

    You need a leader first. You can win one randomly when a unit wins a battle, or you can build a wonder to create them (check the help for which ones – there's two I think depening on the era). Once you have a leader, you can move the leader to a city and add units to build an army.

  • Shooting Parrots 29th December 2004

    Many thanks. I've had several Aristotles as the Greeks that seem to help scientific discovery. I must look out for a military leader!

  • Anonymous 30th December 2004

    obviously 120,000+ getting killed isn't even worth a mention. get back to the toys now. bye.

  • Mosher 30th December 2004

    I'm assuming it's one of the £4.99 "Replay" titles? The manuals are normally on the CD, but you'll need Adobe Acrobat reader to read them. Free download or often on the CD as well.

    If you buy them online, they're 3 for 2 with free postage as well. I never get the time to play games (changing this year with new job and vast reduction in coursework) but bought three just before xmas and they arrived within 36 hours of ordering! Not bad for the time of year.

    And think yourself lucky you didn't have to drive 200 miles round trip for that footie, run up 15 flights of stairs when you got there and wheeze like an old man catching your breathe during the minute's silence…

  • Shooting Parrots 30th December 2004

    I know the flight of stairs feeling. When we get to OT it's up in the gods in the south stand. Conversation with Mrs P is a bit limited for five minutes or so after we get to our seats.

    Thanks for the tip on the manuals. No sign of it on the CDs. It isn't a replay version, but a regular priced package including Civ Conquests. I could have got it cheaper at Amazon, but then I wouldn't be playing it now.

    The really sad thing is that PEGI rates at age 3+!

  • Mosher 31st December 2004

    I was having a dig to see if I could find the manual online (try searching the CD for "pdf" files) and came across this link which may also be useful. Tons of stuff on there!


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