Call me the Riddler

A belated Happy New Year. I should have written this yesterday but we had problems because of the very heavy rain. Our gutters and drainpipes couldn’t cope, and we had water leaking in all over the place while we were in the middle of making dinner. This has happened once or twice before, so we are going have to someone to take a look at it.

Meanwhile me and Mrs P were running round like loons with mops, towels, buckets and anything else to contain the leaks.

Anyway we did eventually eat and shared a box of crackers. (No, not the Jacob’s variety.) The picture above is the best one I could take of one of the ‘prizes’ that popped out. On the face of it, it looks like a tricky puzzle — how to get the ring free of the spring. In fact it was ridiculously easy as the ring simply lifts off.

That’s the thing about puzzles and riddles. The best ones are actually really obvious once you know the answer. So here’s the best one I know:

Twice three of us are ten of us, and six but three

Eight of us are five, what can we be?

If this is not enough, I’ll tell you more

Eleven of us are six and five but four

I know only one person to get this right, but it’s one of those that you will kick yourself when you hear the answer. Any takers?

PS — Well done Anon for getting it right. Comments now blocked to stop the answer becoming too well known by Google!

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  • Mosher 3rd January 2005

    I can't even find that on Google so I can cheat and pretend I knew it. Grr.

  • Anonymous 3rd January 2005

    Letters? (the number of letters in the words)
    three * 2 = 10
    Six = 3
    Eight = 5
    Eleven = 6
    Five = 4

  • Shooting Parrots 4th January 2005

    Well done anonymous! Your are the second person after my mate ML to get that one. And Mosh, I think I'll have to delete these posts so they don't show up on Google!


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