As I mentioned the other day, I haven’t written anything on the Tsunami Disaster because I felt there was nothing else to say, no words big enough. Now there are. Just when my heart was warmed by the generosity of spirit by the public here in the UK and around the world, just when you start thinking that we have a future if we can show the same solidarity with our fellow man, some arseholes comes along to spoil it, viz:

  1. The contemptible bastard who sent hoax emails to worried families telling them that their relatives had died in the disaster.
  2. The sickos who took email addresses from the Red Cross site where families had posted contact details and photos of their loved ones only to target them with obscene emails.
  3. The utter gits who broke into a pub in Hartlepool to steal a collection bucket with a thousand quid in it meant to help the victims.
  4. On the news today, the worry that sex traffickers are using the disaster to target the children orphaned by the disaster for their particularly nasty purposes.

As Jenny Eclair observed on Radio Five yesterday, it’s the sort of thing that makes the case for flogging. Personally, I reckon it warrants bringing back the stocks.

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  • Mosher 4th January 2005

    Bags I first in the queue.

    The knut in number 1 claimed in court that he had no memory of writing or sending the mails. This to me means he's mental and he should therefore be judged as not safe to walk the streets. Surely the Mental Health Act covers that?

  • Pirate 5th January 2005

    Scummy defence lawyers will come along and help all these vermin, should they ever be caught. Their
    "rights" will be argued and nothing will happen to them (or very little). Mental health has little to do with it. I suggest, Parrot, that it is better to focus on all the good things that are happening in the world: the little miracles of survival we read about every day in the paper, the knowledge that most give a little of what they can to help. I'm with you on on bringing back the stocks, though. I say, let's start a petition!

  • Shooting Parrots 5th January 2005

    Thanks Mosh, but I don't think the Mental Health Act works like that — people who are mentally ill (and I'm not sure he was) have rights too. Getting folk sectioned is really hard to do, no matter what they're threatening to do.

    And to Pirate, I am still thinking positively. I wonder if these examples of the media getting bored with the good things and searching for the down side. And I'd go for the petition, but as they say, if democracy changed anything they'd ban it.



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