Fifth or Sixth?

The kids were back at college/school yesterday. Me and Mrs P still had more holiday to go, so having spent the morning dismantling Christmas ornaments, followed by a trip to the recycling centre, we stopped off for a pub meal at the place down the road where we met my family on Boxing Day.

The grub was really good. Mine was black pudding wrapped in medallions of pork in a creamy pepper sauce. Excellent.

Which is beside the point, being which is that all their Christmas decorations had disappeared too. Seems they have someone to put them up and take them down as well, as witnessed by the boxes stacked to the ceiling in one corner of the eating area.

Except for one bit of glitter on a window sill. Mrs P pointed, and said, “You missed one.”

“No,” said the woman, “We’re saving that for Thursday.”

That’s the sixth of January, supposedly twelfth night, but I don’t think so.

Let’s work it out. If Christmas Day is the first day of Christmas, then the fifth of January is the twelfth night. Tomorrow is Epiphany, ie the day after.

Or am I just being a picky pillock? At least our stuff is down, tree in the green bin, shiny things in boxes, twisting FC switched off, cards recycled etc.

Sigh. A good time over.

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  • Jennyta 5th January 2005

    I'm still stuck on the bit about you still being off work! And they have the cheek to say teachers have long holidays!! lol


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