It was my Spam Blocker’s first birthday yesterday. In that time it has quarantined 29,017 iffy emails trying to flog me prescription drugs, growth hormones, Rolex watches, God’s daily promises, horoscopes, porn etc. That’s about 80 bits of junk mail a day.

I heard that spam now accounts for over 90% of all email and always wondered why they bother. Surely it must be like all the crap that falls out the Sunday magazines or stuffed through your letterbox and just goes straight to the bin? But as always there is that nagging doubt that they wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

In a recent survey in the UK, one in five people admitted to having bought something as a result of spam email. They must be mad. More to the point, they are encouraging the spammers, so if you’re one of they — JUST BLOODY STOP IT!

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  • Mosher 7th January 2005

    I couldn't tell you how much mine's caught but I'd say it's along the same sort of magnitude. My ISP could do something about it, but refuses (well… "we have plans, but no dates as yet" which is just as useless).

    I have my main email address. Everyone knows it. I get maybe 10 spams a day on it. I have another address, that given me by Pipex, that I never use. It's four letters plus two numbers and pretty useless. But very easy to spam.

    All you do is send emails to everyone from aaaa00 to zzzz99 at Pipex and you'll nail every single user. I get around 70-80 spams a day at this address. So filtering them out is easy – anything sent there *must* be spam.

  • Son of Groucho 8th January 2005

    BT Yahoo! Mail has a service called AddressGuard that allows you to create disposable e-mail addresses. If you find you are getting spammed on that e-mail address you can then delete it easily.

    I used to get 40-50 spam e-mails daily with my previous ISP, but with BT Yahoo! Broadband I get none, which is nice.

  • Mosher 8th January 2005

    Sadly, Pipex give you one permanent email address. All my "mosvhille" emails (and the other two domains) are forwarded to this one, single address. I've enquired and I can change this, but it means altering all my logins, web page aliases, email settings, mail forwardings…

    Just think how much easier it'd be if they just put some bloody spam protection on their email server, the cheapskates.


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