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I have been an idle blogger (again.) It came down to having been off work for three weeks that left me last week being laid-back to horizontal status and Mrs P and Co being back at work, so no access b/band — I couldn’t be arsed blogging on the l/line.

Which is a shame as there were things I wanted to talk about. I’ll settle for just one — the best weekend of the year.

By which I mean the FA Cup Sixth Round, the time when the haves meet the have nots. It’s great, the time when the mega-paid, cosseted players of the Premiership come up against the paupers, but motivated of the lower leagues.

First up, my own ManU embarrassed by Exeter. A mate at work was at the match (I couldn’t even watch the highlights) and he says we were bloody awful. Well he would, wouldn’t he? But it’s what it’s all about. Red shirts, black bank accounts, red faces. I have no problem with that.

And none with City losing to Oldham. Or Newcastle not managing to score against Yeading for 51 minutes. Or Chelsea going behind to Scunthopre, or Arsenal doing the same against Stoke. Bloody marvellous. And I still think Liverpool could struggle against Burnley.

Good on ’em. If Exeter do for United in the replay, I won’t complain either, well perhaps a bit, but that’s the way the world works. Good on the BBC for showing the replay. Cash in the pockets of the clubs that need it.

I particularly loved the Yeadsley goalie incentive for keeping Newcastle out for 30 minutes of a set of alloy wheels for his car. Given what he actually achieved got him up to a free pass to the Rally of GB and a free service for his Escort, priceless.

And you couldn’t write the script for Soton v. Portsmouth in the next round. By my reckoning there will be a maximum of ten Premiership sides after that. Romance of the Cup or what? At least for me.

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  • Mosher 10th January 2005

    Couldn't agree more with the summation. I think the reason the Sun came up with the goalie's incentive was that it had been around 250 minutes since they'd conceded a goal. I believe by reaching half time he got two tickets including travle etc to the Champ's League final. Based on some of his saves, he deserves it… and the eye of any higher league scouts watching!

    Glad to see the BBC are showing the ManUre replay. I didn't know until you mentioned. As a bonus, Fergie's said he'll put out a full strength squad so there'll be a bigger demand than there could be if there was the chance of an Arsenal-style youth squad or something.

    My only grip is Yeading not being able to concede home advantage in return for a fat pay packet as they wanted. The figures I read were that had they shifted the match to St James and taken a fair share of the gate, they'd have made enough to keep all 8 Yeading teams (schoolbuy to senior) going for 10 years.

    Sadly, 2 years ago the FA decided that if a club gave up home advantage they could only take as much money from the match as they'd have made hosting it themselves. The rest goes into the FA coffers. Boo.

    Apparently we've promised Yeading a summer "friendly". We'll see if that materialises. Be a nice gesture if we do.

  • Shooting Parrots 11th January 2005

    What a prat I am — that sould have been the third round of the cup, not the sixth.

    I really hope the NU friendly with Yeardsley comes off Mosh. If it wasn't so far away in either direction, I might even go myself.

    I forgot to mention the really heartening thing of the weekend — the way the 'lesser' teams were treated by the 'greater' ones. All were full of praise for NU, Chelsea and ManU. Even Arsenal, but I think that's just white propaganda.

    Also the fact that Exeter had brought the in-the-event-of-a-replay tickets with them. There's confidence for you.

    I do hope that we put out a strong side against Exeter. It's nothing to do with winning (that would be nice, though I don't fancy our chances against the Maccems, it's more for the Exeter players.

    These guys will look back and, win or lose, they can say "I marked Ryan Giggs out of the game", or "see that scar on me leg, Roy Keane did that."

    That will mean more to them than all the win bonuses you could think of.

  • The Misanthrope 13th January 2005

    I had no idea what you were talking about, soccer maybe? I can only imagine that is what reading about U.S. baseball or football is like for you.

  • Mosher 14th January 2005

    No, not soccer – "football". You know. Foot + ball. Named because you use your foot to kick the ball. Clever, really.

    (I am being sarcastic – my second favourite sport is actually American football…! Though it's been a long time since I really followed it)


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