Plus ça Change

The hidden gem of UK television at the moment is The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon. This collection of 800 reels of films taken in and around Lancashire in Edwardian England and hidden away for decades is an incredible record of life 100 years ago and after being restored they form the basis for a fascinating BBC 2 series.

Tonight they show the earliest footage of Manchester United. The game was away at Turf Moor against Burnley. The idea was to show the film in the town, but since the home side lost 2-1 it was cancelled.

I know how the Burnley fans must have felt. I quite often miss Match of the Day when ManU have a particularly bad game, as happens too often these days. I want to watch because I reckon that it is only suffering the bad times that makes the good times all the more satisfying, but perhaps that was the old me and I’ve been overstuffed on success.

Interesting that Burnley fans of 1902 must have felt the same. Not much changes, eh? Oh, and I deliberately chose the title to annoy Robert Kilroy-Silk. He’s a regular reader, honest.

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