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Hopefully I will have a little more time on my hands now. We had some important visitors at work over the last couple of days and every hour since I got back from my hols has been spent sorting out visit programmes etc as well as doing my day job.

One little story to share about the visit. So important were these people that it was deemed essential that a lift should be waiting for them when they entered the building — too important for idle chit-chat while they wait for a lift to arrive you see.

Anyway, there are two lifts that used to be able to be ‘locked’ but not anymore. The only way of keeping the lift on the ground floor is to put the ‘out of order’ sign between the doors and the sensors won’t allow them to close.

So the important people arrive with our important people, the bloke on reception whisks away the sign and they all pile into the lift. The button was pressed for the appropriate floor and — nothing. The lift really was broken, presumably from having this sign stuck between its doors for an hour and a half.

I’m outside busily calling the other lift while important people come piling out again. You couldn’t make it up could you?

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  • Mike 27th January 2005

    Priceless. 🙂

  • Pirate 27th January 2005

    That's hilarious. VIPs. Hummphh. They put their pants on one leg at a time too …


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