Tonight’s blog was meant to be about global warming and how I suspect that the environmentalists are the neo-neo-cons (how many times can you say ‘new’), but it will have to wait because I’ve been watching the Arsenal/ManU game.

I have blogged about footie on occasion and have kept it so because it is either a) boring if I spout off at how well the Reds have played: b) me being silent when they’ve been awful, or; c) who other than footie fans gives a toss about the game.

I’m breaking my own self-imposed, flexible rule, not because ManU played the Goonners off the park. Nor to crow at the way that the (admittedly) excellent Arsenal players vanish when the heat is on, Newcastle-like. Not even to complain at their ref-conning antics. (Okay, so we do the same. Hand on heart, doesn’t your team?)

No, the reason I step into this ground is in praise of Mrs P who predicted a 2-4 score. Where she got that from, I really am not sure, but it was spot on.

Memo to self: Trust Mrs Parrot more and be sure to place at least a tenner bet on her intuition. I should have listened.

I will in future. Anyone who wants to buy-in to this scam, please let me know — I’ll set up a Paypal account.

Meanwhile I’m on the bus to la-la-land — “Champ-ee-ons, you’re ‘aving a laff.”

And that’s both us and the Gooners.

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  • Mosher 6th February 2005

    At the start of the season, I was at Leeds festival. I rang some friends up to get the half-time scores. Aston Villa 1 – Newcastle 2.

    "We'll lose 4-2" I told them.

    Bugger me. I wish I'd put a tenner on *that* at half time…


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