The Green Machine

The Parrot household is quite into recycling. Correction: me and Mrs P are into it. Miss and master P are more creative, as in creating things to be recycled, mostly empty Pepsi-Max tins.

So we have a bin for glass (Ragu and beer bottles etc) another for paper (sometimes the Daily Mail, though I’m not sure how you can recycle recycled crap), bags of aluminium cans and a green wheelie bin for garden rubbish, all of which is collected every other week by the council.

Next, the voluntary stuff: plastics and cardboard in seperate boxes; and the big carboard boxes that are used to pack just about everything you buy these days. All of these have to be taken to the tip to be deposited in the appropriate skip.

Kitchen waste, potato peelings etc, goes into one of our two compost bins. Other food remains get recycled by our dog, Jack, and even his recycled recyclings are soon to be recycled through the doggie loo when we get it installed in the garden.

I did have this image of trying to train him to sit on it, but apparently you collect and dump his dumps in it and some chemicals turn it into some harmless gloop.

But with all this recycling, what I really want to know is why we still end up with three big black bagfuls of rubbish at the front of our house every Wednesday morning to be taken off to add yet more to a landfill site. Mind boggles.

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  • Mosher 6th February 2005

    Our council give us three bins – general crap, paper and glass/tin cans. The voluntary recycle ones are emptied once a month.

    I also pop all my plastic stuff into a box in the kitchen and take it to Morrisons every other week as they've got a recycle skip there.

    Between me and the housemate we only ever put a rubbish bin out once every 2 weeks at *most*. It used to be once every 2 weeks regardless. Pretty good going.


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