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I never cease to be underwhelmed by the poor reporting standards of the media. Take today when they went into a feeding-frenzy over a 13-year-old girl being arrested, held for four hours, DNA finger-painted and left with a criminal record, just because she threw a snowball.

On the face of it, an overreaction by the police, but they cheerfully chose to overlook the facts they were reporting and ask the obvious questions. This wasn’t any old snowball — it was hard/heavy/whatever enough to take out someone’s car window. Did anyone question that? Nope.

That wasn’t a snowball, it was a lethal weapon. If it could do that to toughened glass, imagine what it could have done to one of her ‘playmates’ had it been on target.

Now I’m as protective a parent as the next, but had Miss or Master P arrived home after four hours in the clink with such a tale, I would be a tad doubtful whether what they threw was snow or something more sinister, not to mention ballistically more challenging.

Not her mum though. Up she pops on Radio Five Live bleating about ‘abduction’ and ‘there may have been a small stone or two in the snowball.’ She obviously happier to believe her delinquent daughter than the police. Or perhaps she believes what she reads in the papers.

As with every story, there is more to this than meets the eye, but as ever, uncovering what that might be would ruin a front page lead, so why bother. The media turning itself into the world’s oldest profession.

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  • Son of Groucho 6th February 2005

    Well said.

  • Jennyta 6th February 2005

    Unfortunately there are too many parents around these days who choose to believe that their children are totally incapable of doing any wrong.


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