More Sad Losses

First it was Dre, now it’s Birdy — more than half-decent blogs gone west because their identity has been spotted.

I can see their point if the blog is about real people, or more to the point, critical or cruel about real people. I don’t think either were. But their thoughts were both provocative and entertaining. They are a sad loss to blogdom and if their is a God in blog-heaven, they will be forgiven their trespasses and be allowed to continue.

I’ve never been sure of this anonymity thing. Okay, so I do Shooting Parrots, but it would take a pretty inept detective not to work out who I am. I’m certainly not trying hard to hide.

In Dre’s case he wrote about people he worked with, but it was fun, not nasty. Birdy was just uncomfortable that folk he knew were reading what he was thinking about. I can sympathise with that.

Mrs P announced the other day that she’d been reading my blog. I blushed and did a mental look-back. Had I been indiscreet?

“That’s where you go when you want a chat,” she said. Sigh on my part. She’s right though: this is where I come for a chat without a chance of interruption.

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  • MB 11th February 2005

    JonnyB said when his long term life partner was talking about reading his blog, and this is apt for Mrs P:

    "I don't know why she's upset. I've not mentioned our sex life or her balooning weight problem."

    I can understand where Birdy is coming from. Once I knew people who knew me were reading me then there was no way I could continue.

    Here's hoping there's a blog-god.

  • Anonymous 12th February 2005

    I've always made it completely clear who I am on my blog. I use my full name on it regularly and that's the way I want it. I go to the point of alarmingly candid on some things too.

    I guess it all depends on to whom the blog is written for. I personally write my blog for myself and for my friends. It's full of private jokes, obscure references and silliness, and that's the way I want it.

    Rob (my partner) hasn't read my blog, but he's welcome to. My blog isn't really a venting ground, at least not on my friends and loved ones, and I never post anything that I wouldn't mind anyone (other than perhaps my parents) reading.

    Have fun,

    Mark Adams x

  • MarkMcL 15th February 2005

    I agree those blogs going are a loss to the blogsphere.

    I'm with Mark Adam's on the be who you are. I use my real identity as well. It is part of my WYSIWYG cyber-personality approach. But then I don't write about work so no danger of being dooced.

    I follow the maxim "never say anything about someone behind their back that you wouldn't say to their face" The only identities I protect are my friends by never using their surnames.


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