No Rest for the Innocent

Mrs P had to nip out to our local Open Later Saver the other night, to get some squirty cream for her evening coffee.

Okay, too much information. The point is that when she came out, she could hear some robins twittering away like mad, which was odd considering that it was well into a gloomy winter’s night. The reason was the house opposite. It had security lights front, rear and side and because it is on a main road and all the activity that goes with it, they were permanently on. And the poor twitterers thought it was daytime.

This is a real problem apparently — birds are staying awake 24/7 on account of security lights and literally falling off their perches through sheer exhaustion.

I am pleased to say that the Parrot household isn’t contributing to the problem. We do have security lights, but the bulbs have blown and as replacing them is akin to replacing nuclear fuel rods while wobbling around on a pair of stilts, the sensors still sense the motion, but the garden remains in darkness. (Are you reading this, Billy the Burglar?)

So because of my DIY failures I can ask in all smugness that you with security lights should turn the bloody things off, at least until you’re ready for bed, otherwise the only bird singing in the garden will be Mrs P. And I refuse to be drawn on that subject.

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  • Socket Set  20th October 2010

    you can also use security lights that are made from LED to reduce power consumption:.:


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