A Right Royal To-do

I’ve never quite worked out whether the media’s obsession with royalty is because of the public’s interest, or whether the public’s interest is because of the media’s obsession. Whatever, it is bloody odd that ordinary Joe Soaps (like me) feel fully qualified to go into print, on to phone-in radio programmes, tv shows etc to pass judgment on their betters.

I try to stay out of it. Put it this way, Cromwell was onto something and might well have succeeded had he not wanted to shut the boozers at half past ten etc and so changed the power landscape of this country as it should have been 300 years ago.

Instead we have had to sit through endless royal births/weddings/funerals/scandals ad nauseum. Like this week. Charles proposes to Camilla and the media can’t get in there quick enough. Yesterday I had to wade through 22 pages of the paper before I found some news.

And where do all those royal commentators come from? Something like this happens and they are on Radio 5 at the drop of a hat. It’s like they’re on standby, ready to be parachuted in when a friend/biographer/writer/confidante of the royals is required. Good work if you can get it.

I have to say that I wish C+C well. Get on with it. Go out there and live your lives. But before you do, can you leave the keys to the country. Oh, that and the cheque book.

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  • Mosher 12th February 2005

    Couldn't agree more. I was off work on Thursday morning for the BT man coming and there was *nothing* on Radio 5 apart from people going on about how happy/angry/indifferent they were to two inbred rich people getting hitched.


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