I’ve more or less given up on taping things on the telly for one or all of three reasons:

  1. Being able to find a blank/re-usable tape.
  2. Remembering to record the programme.
  3. Finding time to watch the programme recorded.

Actually, it’s usually the latter that gets in the way. I tape something, put it on a shelf and realise two months later that I didn’t really want to watch it after all.

The exception is Time Commanders on BBC2 on Sunday night. Can’t believe it hasn’t got its own BBC webpage. The format is dead simple — get a group of four people, two generals, two captains — to re-fight an ancient battle.

The last episode (watched last night) had four martial arts instructors re-living the Battle of Dara fought between the Byzantine Romans and the Persians in 530AD and a complete hash they made of it too.

I’ve been tempted to put the Parrots forward as a team, although the prospect of Miss P as a ‘general’ does fill me with dread, no doubt pulling back the cavalry because the horses are getting hurt. So how about a foursome of bloggers? Now that would be different.

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  • Mike 15th February 2005

    Time Commanders is great entertainment. But controling those ancient armies is harder than you think. If you ever fancied having a go at something like it then get hold of a copy of Medieval Total War. Or the newer Rome Total War. The Time Commanders battle engine is based on the engines from those games.

    On another note, I taped Saving Private Ryan for the third time at the weekend, I've never managed to watch it yet. I suspect this recording will go the same way as the last two.

  • Mosher 15th February 2005

    I was in a team to go on Time Commanders but the Beeb didn't get back to us so we can't have been interesting enough. I mean, what's wrong with four member of the official Douglas Adams fan club? Sheesh.


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