Bye Cath

It was Cath’s funeral today and didn’t they do her proud. The church was packed, to the extent that they had run out of the order of service cards by the time we arrived. I managed ‘the Lord’s my Shepherd’ from memory, but I was lost on ‘Abide with me’ after the first verse.

It was a moving service and brought back many memories, not least when Cath’s singing group got up and gave us renditions of Deep Purple (no, not the group) and Edelweiss. That had us going as it was what she used to sing to our kids when they were small.

Afterwards we met again with neighbours we haven’t seen for ages. Some looking older, and definitely the kids now grown-up. The odd thing was that it was like catching up on a conversation we started over ten years ago.

It did make me realise that I need people that I thought were just passing acquaintances in life. Like Cath. Mustn’t let that happen again.

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