Jam Today

I had a bit of nightmare journey to work this morning. Apart from the snow, a lorry had shed its load of lamp posts at the Denton roundabout where the M67 meets the M60. Traffic backed up on to the motorway and the area was generally grid-locked.

It wasn’t so much the shed lamp posts that was the problem. It was all the bloody dogs congregating in the area.

Speaking of jams, or at least being jammy, that was me yesterday when a friend rang to say he’d got a spare ticket for the AC Milan game, so tonight I’ll be at Old Trafford freezing my wotsits off, but I won’t care.

On the Sudan I front, there is quite a good tongue-in-cheek article in today’s Telegraph.

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  • Jennytc 23rd February 2005

    I've negotiated the Denton roundabout quite a few times ferrying my daughter back and forth from Sheffield Uni. Like the idea of all the dogs! 🙂

  • Mike 24th February 2005

    I'll bet you wish you hadn't gone to OT now.

  • Shooting Parrots 24th February 2005

    No, I still enjoyed the visit to OT, if not the result. Bloody cold though, especially as my mate with the tickets was half an hour late.


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