Normal Service Resumed

I had a bit of a shock last Friday night. I sat down to do a bit of blogging only to find that my website had vanished. It had simply disappeared. It had been there in the afternoon, so what had happened? In a panic, I rushed to my ISP’s tech support page to discover that they only work from 8am to 5pm. On weekdays. Good service, or what?

Anyway, I fired off an email query which they promise to answer within 72 hours (three bloody days!) Come Monday morning I thought I’d try the telephone support line as well, but got a recorded message (with a German accent) saying that ‘due to technical difficulties, this service is not available at the moment. Please try later.’ Great.

I finally got through about lunchtime, but the operator couldn’t tell me what the problem was. (French accent this time.) He’d have to get back to me. And he did today, Tuesday. Seems those wonderful people at Lycos have changed their packages. Would have been nice of them to let me know. Oh, they did — in an email that arrived exactly 90 minutes after my query was answered.

But how could this happen? I ticked a box that meant that my package would be automatically renewed. Nope, they’d switched that service off. Again, would have been nice to have been told.

One of the reasons I chose Lycos was that, okay they’re not the cheapest, but they should be reliable. (To be fair, I haven’t had any problems with them since I switched to their service in 2002.) So you can guess that I’m less than impressed, but heaving a sigh, I started again by ordering a new package which will take up to 48 hours to confirm.

And I bet I’ve lost all my site stats as well. Bastards.

So sorry for the break in service — and if you didn’t notice, why not?!

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  • Jennyta 3rd March 2005

    Nice to see you back. I did notice you had gone AWOL and wondered what had happened. I assumed you were with Blogger – hadn't noticed you were hosted elsewhere. Anyway, hope all goes smoothly form now on.


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