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Nice to know I was missed by someone (thanks Jenny.) Getting my site up and running again took longer than expected as I kept having trouble with the ftp log-on. I finally realised that among the other changes that Lycos have made, they’ve changed the ‘@’ in the email address part to ‘#’. Don’t ask me why, but they certainly didn’t go out their way to point out this fundamental change. Thanks guys.

Anyway, all this time away has allowed me to follow some of the stories that have obsessed the media this week — like the battle of Margaret Dixon’s Shoulder. It is all very reminiscent of Jennifer’s Ear during the 1992 campaign with one big difference — we’re not yet officially in an election campaign; the politicians are just behaving as if we are.

Using anyone as a pawn in a political slanging match is a pretty tasteless thing to do, but especially someone who is ill, in pain and only has a 50:50 chance of surviving surgery. What happens if she has the operation and dies? Will the spinmeisters claim that by cancelling her op, they had given her an extra six months of life?

The Radio Five phone-in this morning was about ‘Who do you trust with the NHS.’ Frankly, the answer is with anyone who isn’t a politician. Left to itself, the NHS does a really good job, but the politicos just can’t keep their itchy fingers out.

So Mrs P has decided to set-up her own political party — TROGs (The Reactionary Old Gits) — and her first manifesto promise is that, if elected, she would leave the NHS alone and we’ll all be amazed at the progress it will make over the next five years. And she won’t take advantage of vulnerable people.

Oh, and click on the pic above — the small print at the bottom is quite amusing.

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  • Jennyta 4th March 2005

    Sounds good to me. I hereby submit my application to become a member of TROGS. Can't do any worse and it sounds as if they will do a whole lot better. Can I be the MP for North Wales please? Maybe we can figure out a way of getting a few NHS dentists up here!

  • Jennyta 4th March 2005

    P.S. Surely I wasn't the only person to notice that your blog had apparently disappeared! Can't rely on anyone these days! 🙂

  • Shooting Parrots 4th March 2005

    We have a movement here! And definitely in need of a Noirth Wales TROG — all the best politicos were Welsh.

    Me and Mrs P are busily working on new, vote-winning policies, but please feel free to add ideas.

  • WitNit 5th March 2005

    Thanks for providing a link to my Underground Grammarian site.

    You may be interested to know that I have begun portions of an interview with Richard Mitchell conducted in 1982. It’s at my WitNit blog.


  • Toque 6th March 2005

    I missed you too


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