The Man in the Middle

Something sinister happened today. No, not the passing of the Prevention of Terrorism Act. It was announced that referee, Anders Frisk, is to retire with immediate effect because of threats made against him and his family. It isn’t clear what the nature of the threats are, other than most have come from England in the wake of Chelsea’s first leg Champions’ League game against Barcelona.

Now I’ve done my fair share of ref baiting at matches and even carried my complaints over to the pub afterwards, but by the following day I’m over it. Apart from anything else, when you see that nailed on penalty again on the replay, you realise that, if you’re honest, that the ref gets it right more often than not.

But to threaten to harm the man weeks after the event? Or his wife and kids? That is sick. There are clearly some very disturbed Chelsea fans out there somewhere.

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  • Mosher 14th March 2005

    They're Chelsea fans so they'll more than likely be "out there" in Chelsea. Unlike ManU fans.

    Actually *just* like ManU fans… although a fair proportion can be found elsewhere round the home counties and not just near Stamford Bridge 😉


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