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I had to drive up to Penrith today. Having negotiated the the congested M62 and the M61 and M6 past Preston, the motorway quietened down and there was a clear run in front of me. And as you do when the weather is fine and the traffic light, I started to speed. A bit. And the thought struck me as it has before: I could have lost my licence by the time I get home.

That’s the thing about these speed cameras — you don’t always know if you’ve been caught. And that isn’t really fair. To me, the point of these ASBOs or Gatsos or whethever they’re called is threefold:

1. To raise revenue for the police. Is there anyone out there who thinks they’re not?

2. Punishment for a misdemeanour in the shape of a fine.

3. A deterrence aginst future speeding. If another three points will mean you lose your licence, well you’re going to think twice before you do it.

And it’s that last point that makes me feel that there is an unfairness here. Points on your licence only works as a deterrent if you know you’ve got them. I could have picked up any number and wouldn’t know until that brown envelope landed on the welcome mat.

I reckon that you should have to pay the fines for each offence to achieve points one and two (okay, so I don’t really) but you should only get the first set of penalty points on the grounds that you didn’t know you had them. It’s either that or hire celebrity lawyer, Nick Harrison, who can get you off the hook if you’ve got enough money.

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  • Alfie 16th March 2005

    I got hauled in by plod last year… There was one standing near a traffic light and as traffic slowed down he would walk up the line and point certain cars over to the pub car park on the other side of the junction. Forget about doing a runner – there was bloody hundreds of them swarming all around. i wonder what the collective noun for a group of plod is? ….
    Anyway, I pulled up in the car park and some beefy plod told me to sit there and someone would be along "in a minute"..

    I suddenly clocked why I'd been pulled over – out of date tax disc. Sh*t! They weren't messing either – transporters were taking the offending cars away – the cops took the drivers. But wait, I vaguely remembered our Sec' giving me the new one a few weeks before. Panic took over as I ransacked the glove dept. Found it! I ripped it out of the perf'd paper all wobbly like and whacked it into the pocket on the window. Just then, plod with attitude sauntered over. I bleat and whinge about police brutality. "Just WHY had I been pulled over?"

    The copper, smug as anything pointed over to the tax disc."We have got an out of date disc, haven't we Sir?"

    Errrrr, "No actually Officer"
    He couldn't believe it – what a laugh. Just to watch the cogs whirring..

    But that's why they can afford to do such operations – paid for by speeding tickets.


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