Places Not Visted – A=Amarillo

Typical. You spend decades escaping from Tony Christie’s dodgy hairdo and voice — Just when you’re breathing hard in a darkened corner, out it pops (Is this the Way to) Amarillo (don’t forget the brackets) on the PA. In the station, even as the backdrop as Barry Fry is interviewed on Radio Five about his hip-replacements.

It was awful then and it’s awful now, except even more awful in a post-modernistic way that funny folk grin and explain away as cheap shots.

Tony, you know it, you were crap then, you’re crap now, you always will be and the fat lad from Bolton is taking the piss. He is funny though.

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  • Mike 23rd March 2005

    I don't think he cares, he's making a mint out of it. If only in the form of comeback tours, but then he was still popular in Germany, Continental Europe and with women of a certain age, for some reason.

    Having said that I agree with you, he is crap.

  • Jennyta 23rd March 2005

    The Peter Kay version from Comic Relief is brilliant though. We've had it playing in the shop this afternoon. (Maybe that's why things were so quiet businesswise!!):)

  • Mosher 23rd March 2005

    What fat lad from Bolton? Sam Alardyce?


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