Flight Shot Down

Blimey, the Tories don’t hang about. Howard Flight spills the beans about what they really plan to do if they win the election and he’s chopped off at the knees by the re-invented, benign Michael Howard and sacked as party deputy chairman. Next, up pops a BBC Newsflash telling us that he won’t even be allowed to stand as a Tory candidate at the election.

That is seriously ruthless behaviour and tells us all we need to know about Howard (the latter, not the former.) He still has something of the night about him and can be a complete and utter bastard to friend and foe alike.

Mind you, at least he is maintaining modern political standards by hacking down anyone niaive enough to tell the truth.

18:50: Latest. Doesn’t look like Howard (former not the latter) is going without a fight.

07:55: Latest. The Arundel and South Downs Conservative Association has obviously been leaned on.

08:05: Tory Trouble reminds us that Flight is not the only one to let the cat out of the bag. “Creative destruction in the public services,” sheesh.

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  • Son of Groucho 27th March 2005

    It is truly terrifying that in the current state of British politics any member of either major party who is seen not to lie to the electorate is immediately cut to pieces by his colleagues!

  • Mosher 27th March 2005

    Cut to pieces and then thrown out so you can't vote for the one honest guy… Bear in mind, though, that he was only being honest at a private party where he thought nobody would find out. Or squeal.

    Hehe. Imagine trusting a room full of politicians not to squeal about a secret! What a fool.


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