I wonder if Charlie and the Pastie of Cornwall realise that their wedding day is taking place on the third anniversary of the Queen Mum’s funeral? Not another omen, surely?

Meanwhile, interesting choice of words for the official church blessing. They tell each other that they ‘resolve‘ to be faithful to each other. Not ‘promise’ or any of that sacred oath stuff. Well, they’ve done it before, haven’t they?

No, ‘resolve’ is probably the right word, as in ‘we’ll give it a go until something better comes along.’

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  • Jane 9th April 2005

    "The Pastie of Cornwall"… I love it. You are TOO cruel (but also very funny)

  • Mosher 9th April 2005

    She's been dead 3 years already? My doesn't time fly. Or is that just since the first artificial heart gave way and they replaced it with a spare?


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