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Young Donald James Kennedy didn’t take long to hit the limelight. Seventeen hours from birth to your first press conference is pretty impressive. It might also demonstrate some hoopy strategic planning on his dad’s part, although a count back suggests a romantic holiday last August.

Radio Five listeners had no end of advice for Charlie this morning (no, not that one) including the suggestion that he should give up all thoughts of premiership (no, not that one), even if the LibDems can win the general election, and spend quality time with his first-born instead.

Actually, this would not be a problem. Even in the unlikely event of LibDem victory, CK could not take his place as the political leader of his country because he’s Roman Catholic, at least assuming Talk Politics has got it right with the interpretation of the 1701 Act of Settlement.

As with Charlie’s marriage (no not that one) I think we need a definitive answer.

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  • Jane 14th April 2005

    Oh dear I'm having a BAD week. Lots of computer trouble. For a minute there I thought it wasn't going to let me post a comment.

    Is it just me or is Donald a cruel name to give to a child? My dad's name is Donald James, and he's always hated it. Hmm.

    Maybe they named him after Donnie Darko, or Donnie from New Kids on the Block, or Donald Where's Me Troosers…

  • Shooting Parrots 14th April 2005

    I once knew a bloke called Donald MacDonald which I thought was doubly cruel. It also got him into trouble when he was stopped by the police who asked his name. Suspicious, they asked for his address. "Donald Avenue" he replied. (It's true, I kid you not.) He ended up spending a night in the cells.

  • Laban 16th April 2005

    I think the Act of Settlement only applies to the Head of State, not the Queen's First Minister.

    I didn't know the Great Chieftain of the Pudding Race was a left-footer – or even a Christian. You learn something new every day.

  • asiapoker77 6th January 2019

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