Extra Mile

Life has been pretty hectic for me in the last few days, culminating in a grand NHS awards ceremony tonight. Not that I was on the receiving end — my role being more on the organising side of things.

I have to say that it was an inspiring event. Despite all that Daily Mail cobblers of too many pen-pushers, bring back matron, mucky wards, failed targets and that Mrs A going round infecting everyone (thanks to the Now Show and Marcus Brigstocke for that joke) there are an awful lot of dedicated people in the NHS.

In particular you have to admire the people who do a job that few of us would dream of doing, those that have you thinking, “I could not do that. I really, really could not do that.

Working with the most disadvantaged and marginalised of our society (I’ve got the jargon haven’t I?) Drug addicts, asylum seekers, minority communities, abused children and the mentally ill.

It’s easy to sneer from the sidelines and say that’s life, or it’s their own fault and devil take the hindmost, but I can’t imagine what sort of world we would live in without those NHS workers who give everything and get not a lot in return.

And I am filled with admiration.

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