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I had a pleasant surprise today in the shape of a box of posh chocs from the Chocolate Tasting Club. It was a surprise for two reasons, first because I hadn’t ordered them and had cancelled my account ages, and second was the cost — £15.95 is a bit steep for a box of chocs even if they are hand-crafted by gifted chocolatiers.

I tried ringing their helpline and despite being second in the queue, I gave up after 12 minutes. I had a go at sorting things through their website, but there wasn’t a page to help deal with my problem, so I rang again and amazingly I got through straight away. Seems there had been a cock-up with their database and my account has now been cancelled.

The good news is that I get to keep the chocs for free, assuming there are any left by the time I get home.

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  • Mosher 15th April 2005

    They're the supplier of every second prezzie my mum gets. Chocs for one gift, flowers next. She's dead easy to buy from.

    I used to be in the club, too, but you're right – it is dear. I like the way you can choose to get them every 2 months, or 3 or whatever suits you.


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