Red in Claw

Having got home tonight, I spotted Mrs P out in the garden turning over flower beds. Mrs P is the gardener and I’m the one who scratches his head and asks, “is this a flower or a weed,” at least that’s my excuse, but I went out to join her to chat about our days.

As we did so, there was suddenly a right commotion in the apple tree behind me, lots of squawking and carrying on. I looked round and two large birds swooped down to the path not two yards away from me. They were definitely hawks and one dropped a small black bundle on the floor, then dived and grabbed it, then the two swept off into the distance obviously arguing over the prize.

It all happened in an instant, but I think they were kestrels. Whether a pair, I don’t know: more likely two males after the same vole that one had caught is my suspicion, but it all happened so quickly that I can’t be certain.

Even so, to see such birds at close quarters was quite a thrill, if somewhat unnerving. Not unlike Blair and Brown.

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