Systemic Shutdown

I’m a great believer in polygamy, at least where computers are concerned. I work on various PCs, from my work laptop Sony Vaio to the Macs that Mrs P uses for her business. Of the two, I’ve always preferred Macs as being the most instinctive system, but that probably comes of of having used them since the Mac Plus I started with in 1986. One meg of RAM and another of ROM is memory serves, but it deliverd mind-blowing WYSIWIG.

Then there is my home PC bought over six years ago from Tiny. Okay, so they had a bad rep, but I have to say a grateful thanks for an Intel II 350MHz machine that has given good service with no real problems, other than being progressively slower over time.

However, I think the time has come to say goodbye. The PC has become more and more misbehaved and now it has decided that it must literally an hour and a half to fire up Outlook before then failing to connect. I hate it, but it is time to put Tiny down.

And there will be a degree of sadness. Having had the same happen to poor old Bingo last year, the feeling is much the same — a faithful old retainer despatched.

So I’ve been haunting the aisles of PC World and the Dell website looking for a replacement. Truth is that I’m not too savvy about where to go next, PCs being tools, not an end in themselves.

Any advice welcome. Jennytc must spot a sale. Has Keith anything to offer?

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  • Jennyta 26th April 2005

    YES! Have a look at our website – and click on 'computers from £249 for a list of the upgrades etc. We build them ourselves so you can have pretty well what you want in them. Higher processors are available too. Alternatively, I would recommend going to a goo independent shop where you will get good after-sales support and service should you need it. Don't go to the big sheds and certainly don't go to Dell – we-re cheaper than them anyway! 🙂

  • The Alchemist 26th April 2005

    Certainly don't go to Dell Friend. Try these guys. You have to register with the site as they are wholesalers, but it is still cheaper than buying from a retailer.


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