I Can’t Believe I Said That

Back in business that is. Four posts ago. I’ve had the bloody thing less than a week and it misbehaves like a sailor on shore leave. I spent much of today trying to understand why every time I disconnected the phone line, the bloody thing fell over in a spiteful freeze.

Okay, okay, I hear you say I brought it on myself by venturing into PC World.

Call to manufacturer’s helpline: (Must add that the reply was prompt and helpful.) Seems I needed to update the modem’s driver.

I’m not sure why as previous machine’s driver worked more or less perfectly for seven years until the beast fell over, like that elephant wotsit did in Return of the King when Legolas did his three arrows in the head number.

Anyway, new driver is now installed. I’m still not convinced. But Ms P is more than happy that our old Sims game is also there and that it works. I suspect a hand in pocket for the new version shortly.

And isn’t that the truth? The more we update, the sooner we’re asked to do it again? I’m looking for the download that lets me update myself.

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