Mr Nasty

Not a nice bloke that George Galloway. No sooner had he been made MP for Bethnal Green and Bow than he rounded on the returning officer and gave her a right tongue-lashing, saying that the voting arrangements had been a shambles that would “disgrace a banana republic” and she should resign first thing Friday. He may be right, but there’s a time and a place George.

But having behaved like an utter bastard, why should he be surprised when journos like Jeremy Paxman give him a hard time. (Watch it here.)

What surprised me though was his entry on which says he is “quite strongly against the Iraq war” which doesn’t quite do George’s rhetoric and vitriol justice. Even my MP came out as being “very strongly against.”

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  • Jennyta 6th May 2005

    Thought you might be finding time hanging heavy so I've tagged you – look on my blog to see further instructions. 🙂


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