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The ancient PC has gone. Thankfully not by a thief in the night. My nephew asked if he could take it. His plan is to upgrade the RAM, though what he’ll do with an Intel II processor is anyone’s guess.

Whatever, it is still being used. And I hate waste.

Meanwhile on the garden front, I have a moral dilemma. The idea was to take out the horrible pink and off-flags and replace with something better looking. Mrs P went in search of and found some of those concrete replica things.

We would have ordered, but then she looked at the ‘stone’ option. Amazingly, it was cheaper. Quarried in India, lugged out of the ground and shipped halfway round the world. And still it’s cheaper than concrete crap?

So we bought it and it’s installed. And my conscience kicks in. Am I contributing to some poor sod’s exploitation to chip out rock at twopence an hour and wrecking the environment by shipping it across the globe; or am I helping the same by giving him an income and an economy a chance?

Morality is a barbed-wire place to be. The stone looks nice though.

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