I’ve never been a great fan of PC games, at least not those first person jobbies. The ones that require more fingers and thumbs than our maker/evolution ever intended; the hand-eye coordination of a Top Gun fighter pilot genetically combined with Roger Federer; and the precision of a court stenographer, Oh, and the instinct of a 14-year-old,

However, in an idle moment tonight, I picked up the box of games that came ‘free’ with the PC I bought recently. Invisible War? Nope. Hitman? Nah. Then I landed on Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and loaded it. I played the original years ago, must have been the early 90s, so why not.

I must say that I’ve enjoyed it so far. I’m still coming to terms with hitting several keys simultaneously, not to mention right-clicking, but I’m getting there. I especially enjoy the cinematic feel. Maybe there is hope for me yet and repetitive strain injury might yet be mine.

I did take a break to watch Revelations on Sky. I’m a sucker for this sort of programme, not least because it is written by David Seltzer, author of the Omen.

Now we are going back. I bought the paperback in the late 70s (1979?) at a motorway services while driving back home from dropping someone off at Heathrow Airport. It was late, but I read it overnight at one sitting, a sign of a good read or, more likely, one of the resilience of youth.

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