Gosh. I am proud.

As Sub-lieutenant Phillips would have observed as he avoided hitting the harbour wall, or anything else, as he entered dock in the Navy Lark.

Such is my pride. We’re back to Prince of Persia: Sands of Time I’m afraid. I was having a go and enjoying it tremendously. Then I hit the place where you have to recover the Dagger of Time, or somesuch.

I drafted in Parrot Minor who worked out that what was needed was some deft keyboard skills to bounce the Pires bearded hero from one wall to another and so on until he reached his prize,

He couldn’t, but I did it!

Mind you, it went downhill from there-on-in. As in fighting. I’m quite good at ‘hitting things’ but dodging and getting out of the way when being hit — well there my dexterity takes gardening leave.

From thence, Parrot Minor assumed the controls. I was there lurking in the background shouting (mostly useless) advice, but then you do have to be there for your kids, smartarses that they might be.

On which note, I’ll leave you with a soliloquy from that great dramatic tragedian, Bernard Manning:

“It’s easy to laugh and be happy
When life’s going along like a song
But the man who’s worthwhile
Is the man who can still smile
When everything’s gone effing wrong”

Adolph Hitler, 1945.

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