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Don’t you hate it? A clatter of the letterbox, a dog going mental and all you’ve got to show it is a ‘free’ paper that mostly consists of house-for-sale ads?

We get two, both on Thursday night. In fact, the same delivery boy.

Only one is worth reading. Correction, worth reading because of the comment column of Allan Beswick. Very much a candidate for TROGS (The Reactionary Old Gits.) Here is a piece of his wisdom:

Ambition will do for us all of us if we are not careful — we are wise to be wary of those who have too much of it. Unbridled ambition can lead people to do some really wicked things — we have all had colleagues who would happily do us down if they thought it gave them some sort of advantage.

The dramatist Phillip Massinger, a contemporary of Shakespeare, summed it up best with his “ambition, in a private man, is a vice, in a prince, a virtue.”

Not knowing many princes I will go with the vice bit and shun as much ambition as I can. However, honour demands that I own up to a grinding ambition given that I have held held it for as long as I can remember. I hope one day to get old in direct contrast to the Who, who sang in the 60s My Generation, “Hope I die before I get old.”

The attraction of old age is not that I want to wamder about looking for lost marbles, nor be incarcerated in some dreadful retirement home, or even voluntarily hidden away in one of those gated villages that are springing up about the place. No, my desire is to be old is driven entirely by a revelation that the only way to avoid it is death.

Anyway, I quite like old people.

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