Pyramids and Aliens

Mosher said…

That pyramid’s not that great inside. Pretty cluttered officed (pokey, too) and maintenance department.

Used to be one of the sites I looked after with my last job 🙂

I replied, then tried to re-reply so I could correct some typos, only to lose the whole thing. I’m trying again on the blog:

I can imagine. The Pyramid isn’t so much an architectural icon, it just happens to be right next to the M60 and everyone who drives past thinks, “What the f.. Who in their right mind would design an office like that?”Reminds me of a close encounter of the stupid kind though. It goes back some years, two houses ago for the Parrots.

It was late autumn and I went out into the back garden for a ciggie. There was fog and low cloud and as I puffed away, when I had my own, “What the f..” moment.

The clouds were pulsing with different colours, purples, reds and greens. Dah-dah-dah-do. “This is it,” I thought, “my very own close encounter of the third kind,” and where the f.. did I put the camera.

Then I remembered, it was the day the Co-op took over the Pyramid and celebrated with a laser show from the pinacle.

And that’s the closest I’ve got to being abducted, sadly for Mrs P and the little Parrots who have been begging me to seek asylum on Planet Zog for years.

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  • Mosher 4th June 2005

    Who owned it before Co-Op bank? Just curious as I'd always assumed it was built for them.

  • Shooting Parrots 6th June 2005

    I'm not sure if anyone 'owned' it as such. It was built in 1992 but was empty for several years before the Co-op took it on. There is more info about the Valley of the Kings project here.


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