Bronzed and Beautiful

Mrs P and her sister were planning a long walk with the dogs this morning. It’s a slightly convoluted arrangement involving two cars and a spare person to drive. What happens is that they meet up at Mossley, switch to one car and are driven to a place called Diggle so they can walk back along the canal. Today I was that volunteer driver.

We decided to drive to Mossley via Mottram. It’s a dog’s leg of a route, but the M67 means it’s quicker than the shorter route. As I turned left from Hyde Road onto Stalybridge, there was a spooky moment. There was a figure sitting on a bench, but then a quick double take confirmed that it wasn’t a person at all, but a life-size bronze of L S Lowry, sketchpad in hand.

I don’t know how, but the unveiling of the statue in January had completely passed us by. I can only assume that it is securely fixed into the ground or I would have thought it would have vanished to be weighed in at some scrapyard by now. Looks good though.

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