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Sad admission time. In my cellar is box after box of taped stuff off the radio. Mostly old radio comedies, from quite old stuff, like the Navy Lark, Round the Horne and ITMA (even Jimmy Clitheroe for goodness sake, but Ray’s a Laugh is not only the worst pun, but was also crap), through to middling-time stuff like Steptoe and Son, moving forward to the 90s and Angus Deayton in Radio Active, the Mark Steel Solution and Nick Revel.

There once was a point to this. It’s called driving. If you have a long or short journey, well you want to be entertained and much of the daytime shows just don’t do it. So I had my tapes and my ICE, archaic mostly because it was a cassette player, downgraded from the radio/CD combi that came as standard in the last two or three cars I’ve owned.

Back in January, I gave in. I was signing up for my new Ford (and gazillions of Nectar points) and couldn’t face the disbelieving questioning from the salesman about why I wanted a tape player rather then the standard CD. I put my monicker for the standard.

But it has worked out well, thanks to Radio 7, Radio Player and broadband. Now I’m replacing my moribund cassettes with CDs. All those shows that I spent so, so long committing to magnetic tape. And life is great. One, there is much greater variety, two it’s online and three ‘Listen Again’ let’s you record at leisure, not sitting there with a finger hovering over the record button.

The one downside is that if you’re tempted to use your PC while recording, you risk the occasional, loud ‘dee-duh’ as the ever so helpful system asks if you really want to do whatever it is you want to do, and that transfers to the CD.

What I fret about though is that, given the above, I’ll do all this and technology will move on. I’ll have a great collection of classics on CD-R and the next time I buy a car, it will be fitted with an MP3 player or some other format and I’ll be back to square one — a shed load of CDs and nothing to play them on.

The clock is ticking. How soon will it be before my CD collection is condemned to the cellar to join their kin, the cassettes, in gathering dust.

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  • Steve 9th June 2005

    "The clock is ticking. How soon will it be before my CDs are condemned to the cellar and their kin, the cassettes, to gather dust."

    I reckon about two weeks. I seem to have re-purchased everything I've ever owned from 1966 onwards in about 4 different formats. I'll tell yer what, they (the recording industry) pontificates about "theft" of downloaded music, yet never mentions obsolete formats like 8-Track and DCC Digital cassette.

    They must owe the likes of me a fortune.

    As for BBC7 (and the rest) – quality. I never thought I'd find myself listeneing to those old progs and laughing like a drain.

    How do you record them to CD? Ids there a program that transfers the progs to MP3, WAV or something?

  • Shooting Parrots 11th June 2005

    I use Replay Radio which isn't too expensive. It will convert recordings to MP3 or WAV and costs about £20.

  • The Alchemist 11th June 2005

    LEt's hear it for 'Listen Again' and 'all comedy and quizes'…

  • Blognor Regis 11th June 2005

    A "lost" radio Hancock turned up recently. A guy called Vic Rogers in Shepherd's Bush built his own reel to reel tape recorder to tape episodes for his mate who didn't have a radio. If he particularly like a show he'd keep the tape and buy an (expensive) new one rather than record over it.

    He contacted Paul Merton after refinding them and wondering why he'd not heard "The Blackboard Jungle" ever repeated. Turns out it was because he had the only known copy!

  • Shooting Parrots 11th June 2005

    Yes, it's great how these lost recordings keep turning up. One of the things I burnt to CD last week was the very first episode of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue from 11 April 1972. Again it was on a tape that someone had at home. It has been restored, but is still a bit clunky in places.

    How it got past the pilot, I don't know — Jo Kendal had the most irritating laugh.


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