It was a bright, sunny and hot day in the UK yesterday. Correction — there was one lump of cloud that sat patiently over Cheshire for most of the day, totally ignoring shouts from below like, “Bugger off!” and “Shift yer fat arse!” It just hung there like an auntie with her arms folded by the beer in the kitchen at a teenagers party.

It was still very warm and humid though. But it did eventually clear late afternoon in time for a Parrot family barbecue. And as the night wore on it got warmer and more humid.

When we moved into this house, it was October. And on the ceiling of our bedroom was one of those colonial-style electric fans. “That will have to go,” we said. Fortunately we did nothing about it because the following summer we discovered that it was the only way to make a balmy night bearable.

The fan was on overtime last night and is still whirring as I write. It was so warm this morning. Even Master P was up early. He’s been sleeping in the garden in his tent but by 7am it had become so hot that he couldn’t stand it any longer.

But worst affected was Jack, our overgrown Jack Russell, who was panting and looking extremely distressed. Hence the photo above. Yes, sad I know, but I took myself off to Toys R Us and bought a paddling pool for the dog.

It took an age to fill, but he’s finally got the hang of getting in it and is a much happier bunny as a result.

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