Had Their Chips

I honestly thought this story was a joke, or a marketing ploy to sell more spuds, but apparently not. And does the British Potato Council genuinely expect the OED to remove ‘couch potato’ from the dictionary? (No mention of it on their website, the potato-heads I mean, not the OED.)

My dictionary even contains that modern-day taboo, the ‘n‘ word, but no-one has demanded that that should be removed on the grounds that it causes offence, far more so than that felt by these thin-skinned potato people.

Perhaps they should have joined forces with DFS and launched a two-pronged attack.

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  • Jennyta 20th June 2005

    Sadly, I took it at face value. the way things are these days, nothing surprises me any more as regards idiotic stances like this. The phrase, "Get a life" springs to mind!!(Them, not you:))

  • Shooting Parrots 20th June 2005

    Thinking about it, I reckon it's a publicity stunt, pure and simple. And hey, it worked — here we are talking about it.

  • Blognor Regis 21st June 2005

    Surely it's a wheeze. Got to be. Hasn't it?

  • Shooting Parrots 21st June 2005

    Has to be. Some smart PR will have earned their corn this week.


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