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Thanks to Birdman for pointing me to this easy to follow guide to the Battle of Trafalgar from the Guardian of all places. Despite the nay-sayers and the ‘cheese eating surrender monkey’ appeasers may say, Trafalgar was defining moment in our history and its 200th anniversary should not pass without acknowledgement, if not celebration.

Wikipedia provides another account of that day. Don’t know about you but naval manoeuvres are a mystery to me.

On this historical note, I’m also glad to see that Civitas is re-publishing ‘Our Island Story‘ by H.E. Marshall, first published in 1905. Aimed at children, it told the story of the place where we live without expecting them to ’empathise’ with those we ‘downtrod.’ Rather it gave them a chronology of events so that they can work out that the Archduke Ferdinand wasn’t shot at the D-Day landings.

And a reminder that we have spent far longer being un-PC than PC.

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