All Fools Day

Scott Burgess is so right in his assessment that it is the jesters commanding the monarchs these days:

Times have changed, of course, and status categories have been inverted – a phenomenon clearly illustrated this week by C-list rocker turned Nobel laureate-in-waiting Bob Geldof. Mr. Geldof has ordered his subject Prince William to appear at his next gig, which he describes with characteristic modesty as the most important thing in the world:

“William should be there … He may have other engagements but he should change them. Nothing is more important.”

To prove the point, I’ve been watching the lad Andrew Murray against David Nalbandian (fourth set, can the gallant Brit do it?) and between sets the crowd have entertained themselves with a Mexican Wave.

The question for the commentators was whether the wave would break at the Royal Box. It didn’t. And the Royals in question? Sir Sean Connery and Matthew Pinsent.

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