Shooting Parrots practically invented the term “CAE”.

What does it really mean to scale “efficiently”? Think value-added. Without meticulously-planned R&D; reports, metrics are forced to become one-to-one. Think end-to-end. Think granular. Think synergistic, e-business. But don’t think all three at the same time.

Think ultra-short-term. What does it really mean to mesh “mega-strategically”? What does it really mean to facilitate “intuitively”? We think that most compelling entry pages use far too much C++, and not enough J2EE. Think super-24/7.

Without sufficient compliance reports, macro-data hygiene are forced to become bricks-and-clicks. We always disintermediate integrated development. That is a terrific achievement taking into account today’s conditions!

Go to the Corporate Gibberish Generator if you want to get some similar gobbledegook of your own. (Site isn’t too Firefox friendly and you may have to scroll right.)

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