Fish in Your Pockets

Have you got a two pound coin? Look at the obverse, that’s the one on the opposite side to the old lass with the perm.

Chances are it was struck to commemorate our industrial history. It goes thus: it is meant to start with a Roman chariot wheel at the centre (can’t see it myself), outside of which is a bunch of gears representing the industrial revolution.

Except there are 19 cogs. And since each cog will rotate its neighbour in an opposite direction, well as any engineer could tell you, odd numbers don’t work. The whole shebang would grind to a crunching halt.

But the coins are still out there, the one I saw today dated 2002. Is it any wonder?

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  • Lawrence Chard 23rd March 2006

    Do you not think it would be polite to give a credit, and a link to the owner of the 1997 gold £2 coin image?
    Also, you state incorrectly that the obverse is the "tail" side, whereas it is in fact the head side. The other side is called the reverse.

  • Shooting Parrots 27th March 2006

    I stand corrected on both counts and am happy to remove the image if you so wish.


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