There have been some cracking pictures from today’s commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar, like the one left from the Telegraph. (See the official website — you even get to play battleships.)

What I did wonder is if we are to celebrate this famous victory over the French — sorry, a lucky fluke against our now glorious and touchy allies — why is it four months too soon? This epoch-making battle took place on 21 October 1805, not some time in June.

I wasn’t on my own wondering about this. Apparently lots of people were texting and emailing Radio Five Live with the same question this morning. The official reason it seems is that ‘they’ wanted the celebration at a time when the weather was more clement and when the day is longer to let more people see it.

Oh…kay. I can sort of live with the former, although October isn’t necessarily a terrible month for weather in the UK. And the June date could have gone tits up, as it looks to do this year for the Wimbledon finals which have every chance of being rained off.

But I have a problem with the latter. If you want more people to see it, why hold it on a Tuesday. When quite a lot of folk are on holiday? Why not at a weekend? When we can switch the telly on, even if we can’t be there, corpus presentus, as it were?

My suspicion is that a) the navy will be off invading somewhere else come the autumn, b) the French navy doesn’t put out to sea if it’s spitting, and c) our navy won’t be off invading somewhere else, but will be parked up to save money.

There will be celebrations on the actual date. Well inland at Trafalgar Square. Appropriate, I suppose, but it would have been better at sea. But then it might have been raining, or October. Bloody good job Nelson hadn’t thought of that, the poor booby.

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