What Did I Tell You?

Parrot the Olympic cynic on a rare foray to London on the very day the announce the thing, and the buggers went and won it.

Not that you would have known it, at least where I was in Westminster Square. I’d expected that at least the black cabs would have been flying flags and tooting their horns, but it was business as usual. Mind you the ‘public’ were mostly foreign tourists having their picture taken with Big Ben in the background and generally cluttering up the pavement.

I was the one to break the news in our meeting. It was meant to end at one, but ran over, so I texted home to get the result. There was a ripple of applause and plenty of smiles. I suppose the thing is that these ‘Londoners’ weren’t born in the south-east. They just happen to live and work there.

Anyway, I just hope their plans are as nailed down as they say and that things don’t spiral out of control as they have before. That thought when through my head as I took off from City Airport for home. With a grand aerial view of the Millennium Dome.

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