It’s Been a Strange Old Day

To start with, the roads to work were really quiet. Yes, I know it’s ‘holiday time,’ but the city centre was very empty, as was the station. Eerie. Despite all of the ‘chin-up’ and ‘they shall not prevail’ Churchillian pap, it seems the country decided to stay at home today. Just in case.

I have to say, it didn’t cross my mind. Showered, shaved and dressed, I was on my way. And if I had thought about it, today must have been the very safest you could have moved on public trasport. More bobbies than you could shake a stick at without getting shot, CS gas in the face or tasered.

And sniffer dogs by the packload, not seen in such numbers since hunting with dogs was barred. I haven’t felt better cared for in a long while.

This is not meant as a put down on what happened yesterday, or a cheap shot at the emergency services which coped so wonderfully well. I just wonder where the heroes have gone.

Meanwhile, the air is open to the pillocks who think it’s a plot by the police. On this planet of his, I wonder what is the colour of his lawn. Sure ain’t green.

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  • Krip 9th July 2005

    or a cheap shot at the emergency services which coped so wonderfully well.
    These are the heroes you speak off. They are still trying to recover bodies from one of the tube bombings,
    Think of what that is like. And I think my job gets stressful sometimes – no contest.


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