Top o’ the World Ma (Almost)

I mentioned the other day finding the Orisinal games website and that my favourite was The Bottom of the Sea, well I’ve hit the top ten scores, first at no. 6 and now at no. 3 with a score of 2,300. Me, number three — in the world. Not even Tim Henman has scaled those dizzy heights.

Click the pic for a larger version. It is me, Mr Parrot, honest.

I don’t know if it’s the music, or the slow-motion underwater movements, but I do find the game strangely soothing, with none of that high-adrenaline rush you normally associate with computer games. And it’s dead simple to play too which always works for me.

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  • Laura 20th July 2005

    Ah, Polly, luv, you have way too much times on your hands.

  • Shooting Parrots 20th July 2005

    Quite possibly, but not last night. Got the score while waiting for Master Parrot to get ready for karate and my taxiing duties.


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